Whether Vasectomy Sterilization Effect Can Be Cancelled?

Whether Vasectomy Sterilization Effect Can Be Cancelled?

Vasectomy is the most reliable contraceptive options for men. Method man-specific proven KB 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. That is, only less than 1 out of 100 women who was pregnant after one year of the gentleman "sterilized". However if you change your mind in the future, whether permanent sterilization effects of vasectomy be cancelled so that you and your partner can get back trying to have kids?

Overview of vasectomy procedure

Vasectomy is the process of cutting or blocking the channel vas deferens. Vas deferens is a small tube-shaped channel in the fruit of the phallus (scrotum) that carry sperm from the testicles leading to the penis. This procedure also known as sterilization.

There are two ways available to perform sterilization, that is with or without a scalpel. On how to kovensional, the surgeon will make two incisions in the top of each fruit of the scrotum and the bottom of the penis. Afterwards the doctor will lift, binding, or clog the vas deferens through katerisasi. The former incision will then be sewn.

When you select a path without a scalpel, the doctor will first use a small clamp to hold the channel will cut then make a small hole in the skin of the scrotum and cut some channels prior to tie it.

Vasectomy would close access to sperm flows are mixed together with semen. That's why men are already very thin sterile likely to fertilize the woman's egg cells could be because the semen they no longer contain sperm.

Effect of sterilization is actually permanent. However, most of the case can be restored as before; with a more complicated way than the initial vasectomy action.

Men who want to return to live a vasectomy reversal can be fertile

Vasectomy reversal is a procedure to reverse or undo the action during a vasectomy.

To do this, the surgeon must go back to the location of the original piece and reunite the two parts of the funnel vase deferens are cut using a very fine sewing thread. Even thinner than human hair. I was so thin, the doctor will do this via a special microscope tailoring that can make it all looks to be 25 times greater.

Sound easy in theory, but in fact it is sometimes much more complicated than that. For example when the channel section of the vas deferens is thrown quite a lot of time the first vasectomy once, then it will be more difficult to stretch two ends of the line to sewn in order to close the existing gap.

This procedure will also be more complicated when doctors found the fluid buildup to clog in dead-end areas deductions places of the former. If the doctor cannot discard the blockages, then the doctor should combine vase deferens to sperm of different channels and change the route of the line Your ejaculation. In other words, both the vas deferens can not be combined at the beginning of the line to be cut.

Then, what is his mark if the vasectomy reversal work?

One of the signs that can prove the success of vasectomy reversal is the emergence of a new and healthy sperm cells in the semen You within a couple of months later. How to know about it only through sperm analysis test in the laboratory.

The physician will collect a semen sample you and check it out for 4 up to 6 months. This span of time long enough for the body can restore a normal sperm count. When Your sperm back appears quite a lot in the semen, the chance of success to conceive also surely will go up.

Also note the risk of side effects
In addition to the risk of failure, the other side effects of vasectomy reversal can appear in the form:

Bleeding in the scrotum causing swelling and pain. To avoid this, be sure to follow Your doctor's orders before and after the operation.
The infection. This is a side effect that may arise from any action. If you are exposed to the infection, your doctor will most likely treat it by giving an antibiotic.
The fruit of ongoing pain feels very phallus. Call your doctor right away if You have pain that does not diminish with the drugs.
Even so, the risk of these side effects are actually very rare.

Vasectomy reversal is not always effective

This procedure may fail even if both ends of the vas deferens merge back. The average odds of success of vasectomy reversal ranges from 40-90 per cent.

How big is the chance of a successful vasectomy reversal depends very much of the time ranges between vasectomy procedure first and reversalnya. The longer the distance of time, blockages or obstacles between epididymis and vas deferens ducts will be formed so that needs to be fixed first before undergoing vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy reversal success also depends on the appearance of scar tissue after pembadahan and consumption of hormone supplements can reduce Your sperm count. When the number of sperm that are in each ejaculation later less, then the chances of pregnancy are also declining.

Some men can also build antibodies against their own sperm. Sperm antibodies (ASA) will destroy healthy sperm cell due to consider it as a foreign object. Then when later the man ejaculates, maninya water does not contain sperm cells that can fertilise the egg Lady. Sperm antibodies are one of the causes of infertile men.

Simply put, the effects of vasectomy reversal it works like two sides of the coin. You can just go back and be able to have more offspring, or vice versa. If after doing the reversal you keep trouble have kids naturally, there are still other options that might be able to do, as the program baby tubes (IVF/ICSI) or adoption.

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